Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimming @ My Condo (11th May, 2009)

Recently the weather is so hot. My house just like a sauna room, even thought its at 17th floor..so, me and penny suddenly got an idea..go downstair to swim.since the weather so hot, i reckon the water in the pool wont be too cold.its the best time for us to swim.
when we reached the swimming pool, there is no one over there..good timing..it seems like we book the swimming pool already..haha..
after swim for 30minutes, tang yao come to find us..chit chat awhile and then i request for take a photo for me and penny..

my hair look so messy..and my skin was tanned ...

this photo is nice..taken by tang yao 5.0 megapixel sony ericsson phone..
but, look at my hand..look so mascular..haih..cant swim too much..else, will then become a lady boy as what tang yao said...=(

after awhile, there is some guy coming to swim..then me and penny decide to leave..

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