Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clubbing Phuture @ Zouk (16th May, 2009)

Today Dan invite me to go his friend's bbq birthday and then go phuture.. 
Atually im not going to the bbq because need to make up with the big black smoky eye to meet his friend...somemore sure my hair very smelly... But since he said he want somemore to accompany so i just follow...
Around 8.30pm he come to my condo with his best buddy Sherine to pick me up..then we go to their friend's house which located at Glanmerie..
Hmm..actually i was thinking to take photo at his friend house...because i really cant image that wow..his friend house is even bigger than my rich huh...

And, as what i know the bbq is started at 7..we thought 8.30 go there sure got food to eat..who knows they are still build the fire over we just wait wait and wait over there..all his friend are really friendly too me but i was like too shy to chat with

Anyway..we went off at 11smth to phuture...and when we reached phuture..we just realised that the table Dan and friends book already released because we are we have to find another table at velvet underground...

Been to phuture and zouk so many times but never been to velvet this is the time for me to enjoy there..At first the music at velvet all mumbo jumbo..dont really into it...but after the alcohol fill in my blood..what music also

Ohya..met kayden, ryan and Joshua them at phuture too but Joy Yee is not coming too bad..miss him lo...Kayden said that im very On always club..but i think he also ON too..everytime also meet him bad too cant dance with him...will got the chance again...

AFter phuture we all went to supper at Rasa Sayng at jalan yap kwan seng..haha..i still remember...chit chat with Dan's another group of friend...Racheal, Philip, Sherine and other cant remember their name already...

i like this photo..

Sherine look so cute..

She's really pretty...

Lunch at Suzhi Zan Mai with Sister and Tang Yao @ Sunway (16th May, 2009)

Here comes another group of photos..
Actually we plan to go Pavillion to find watches but heard Tang Yao's cousin said that its very jam over there so me and Tang Yao suddenly change our plan to Sunway Pyramid. And my sister so smart, suddenly called me and ask where am i..So, me and Tang Yao go to SS15 to fetch her and then go to Sunway together..
However, we also dont really have time to walk since we have to take out lunch and Tang Yao have to back early..
So, we decide to take our lunch at Sushi Zanmai before we go home...

Entrance view at Sushi Zanmai Sunway

So soncentrate to choose the food..

this is the best..but the portion like slightly smaller than The Garden branch one..

Forcing my sis to help me take

He is acting shy..

Me and Tang Yao

Soft Shell Crab sushi 

I took looks nice...

he like to act cool sometime..


After reach home, got to prepare to go Phuture la la~~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

phuture @ Zouk (16th May, 2009)

As promised my Sharone darling that after she back from Aussie, i'll accompany her to Phuture. And now she's back. Feel really excited can go Phuture again. 

Early morning she reached KL and come to PJ find me. Actually we plan to go times square to try the Krispy Kreme Doughnut since everyone say its nice. But my Sis suddenly called me said that dad ask me dont simply go out due to now got more people were suspected infect H1N1. So, it making me so confused whether to go out or not. After discuss with Sharone, we decide not to go shopping since she is tired and i am bit timid type scare to infect the virus.

And, so we just stay at home rest until Clubbing time. This time Kean will join us to go Phuture since he never been there before, so i already ask him to book table. However, Phuture's table already fully book. Therefore he just book a table at Zouk. 

When we reached Zouk, order for the liquor and everthing settle down. And i try to bring some of them to look around. We went to barsonic and also want to try to bring them to Phuture but suprising that Zouk cannot access to Phuture. Felt really disappointed. Phuture's my favourite. How can i go Zouk didnt go Phuture. Sharone also keep complaining that she wanted to go Phuture.

After awhile, Kayden, Joyee and Michael come to Zouk find me and trying to bring me and sharone to Phuture but failed. So me and sharone to pay cover charge to go Phuture even thoght it's still left 2 hours. LOL..WE ARE CRAZY FOR PHUTURE!!!!

Finally we get our access to Phuture and that's make me dont want to go back to Zouk to continue to drink anymore. must fully utilise the 2 hours to dance dance dance..hmm...met HunChil at Phuture too..he is so bad, go Phuture never invite me. Anyway, dance with him alot that day. 

Unfortunately, when i dance til forget everything, and there is a girl i dont know how she dance then suddenly step on my toe with her super sharp high heel and i found that my high heel shoe get wet and i realised that half of my nail was missing. My toe keep bleeding. Its really pain. And the girl look at me and never want to apologies. Damn!! Where got people like that one. Wont they feel guilty??

Somemore, there is alot of crowd in the dance floor and the ladies is at another side. How m i gonna to go to the ladies..Luckily HunChil was there, really thanks to HunChil bring me to ladies, else my toe sure keep bleeding.

After awhile we return to the dance floor continue to dance even thought my toe still pain. Suddenly, due to side of the dance floor got too many people passby really cant dance, so, i suggest Sharone to go to the middle to dance..few more minutes later we back to find HunChil them but there all not there already and i saw Kayden was there. So me and Kayden them dance together and sharone decide to go velvet underground to find Hunchil. Too bad, until now i still havent been to Velvet. Will try it next time since sharone and kean say not bad. 

After dancing with kayden awhile, he felt tired and we decide to go to find Joyee and Michael them. they all at vip there due to their friend's birthday and me and Kayden and his others friend dance together at the vip. hmmm...not bad.. then space much more bigger than the dance floor and not crowded at all...

And Kayden also introduce some of their friend to me and i also get the chance to dance with Dan and also Wayne..they all can dance very well...all very pro~~
 really like full time clubber..lolx..

Anyway, everytime when come to 3am, its really makes people feel sad...because started playing soft music and all have to go home already...And i also have to go to find my friend because i come out with them but didnt play with them feel like bit

After all the clubber go home already, left our group and we met some holland people..we all trying to chit chat with them before we back...they are really nice anf friendly...handsome and pretty...Hopefully our Zouk didnt disappoint

There is some photo we took at Zouk:

before go to Zouk

Zouk entrance with sharone

nice design

no people, so boring...

this is what me normally do..

pretty sharone

Me me me 

Behind is the cleaning lady, i think she already beh tahan us

just posing not kissing..

Emma and Winnie 

the handome kean

at Zouk

embassador of Heinekenm but didnt get paid..


the photo tell that they all are hungry

me and sharone and her fried chicken 

this guy is cute, people taking photo he come to disturb..

this kean also very kacau one...

Ingle from Holland..Sharone trying to show her sexy leg

forgot the girl's name but sure remember this Holland guy called jack/jez?either..

group photo taken by Ingel

Kean ar, she dont even want to bother u, dun kacau her la..she is shy already...

So sweet..Jack and me...

Alright..its the end...