Friday, May 1, 2009

Sharone Pang is coming to town @ Poppy Garden (24th April, 2009)

ehem ehem..where shall i start..hmm...

Actually, me and sharone already plan to go Poppy clubbing this week as her pre-birthday, early morning she came fromSingapore to KL(Oops..isnt it i should go Singapore to celebrate with her since this is her birthday instead of mine?haha..) the same time, Joshua also message me whether i want to go Poppy with him or, after discuss with Sharone, we decide to go with 7pm something, sharone reached pudu and take cab to my condo at pj..but the stupid taxi driver dont even know how to come to my house...a 20 minutes distance he can took 1 hour to reached my house...arh~wasted our time to get ready to club...when sharone reached my house, i had to cook something for her and myself as our dinner before going club since she didnt take any meal for the whole day...10smth, Joshua reached my house and so we went to 11smth..we reached poppy, at first, i thought Joshua got alot of friend going..but when we reached there..he told me that he only bring one friend coming..that is Mr Puven..haha...besides that, Edwin also come Poppy alone to look for me since he is finished his assignment and bored at home…And so, the night is, Sharon, Joshua and Puven were sit at VIP..Joshua the notty boy keep asking me and Sharone drink…that Sharone also drink very fast..and drunk very fast, I have to bring her to the ladies and to take care of her…she is really drunk…I was waiting for her at the ladies for 30minutes plus…then carry her back to our place to rest…then, she feel guilty to make me take care of her instead of dancing, so she ask me to go and dance and she will rest there…as what she said…I just go and dance..and she stay there…when I back to our place…haha…she’s just like sober…somemore, there is a leng zai keep chatting with her…and she also don’t care about me already…is it call in love??hmph…anyway, after club, we 4 people went to bangsar to take our supper…we chat a lot there…then 5am smth go home…in conclusion, as I went Poppy quite sometimes already, I felt that it seems like getting more and more beng seng or so called lala already…I reckon, I have to move my home to somewhere else already…=P

Me and Sharone in the Ladies..

See how happy is she, photo taken before she drunk..


  1. is a past tense, anyway, m glad to knw u as starting from stranger, friend, good fren, dear fren,there r lot of stages since we were a student from diff kampung but same U, diff working place but same heart!!!Friendship forever, paiseh to take k of me when i was hugging the toilet bowl due to the tiredness .recalling back nw i feel so geli.Thanks fren!!

  2. hahaha..u want me to post the toilet bowl photo??i dont mind??haha...friend forever...muack muack...

  3. ken said....

    sherone why u drunk everytime u go club?? be steady lerr....haha:)

  4. haha..she always get drunk one bian..dunno is purposely one or what..lolx..