Friday, May 15, 2009

The Loft @ Cynna Bar (13th May, 2009)

I reckon some people might say.."are you crazy?its wednesday.dont you need to work on thursday?wont you feel tired?why wanna club on wednesday?"

Actually i never think of to club on weekday. But to support my friend Billy San who work at the loft, so i promised him to go on wednesday.Somemore its LADIES NIGHT.why not go there have a try since i never been there before and i always keen to go there many times already...

On that day, Billy gave a guestlist that i can bring 5 of my friend to go without cover nice...but who wanna go on wednesday oh. All need to work in the early morning. So, i decide to ask Desmond since he got night shift work, and then i also ask Hun Chil since he is enjoying his study leave now.

So, 11pm something Desmond come to my place fetch me and Hun Chil. When we reached The Loft its about 12am already. Billy come out and bring us in and find a table for us in one of the room called Cynna Bar. At first we all feel so boring because its just few kitten in the club. So i thought maybe we will leave earlier. But at almost 1am something. The crowd is getting more and more. But mostly are malay and india. leng chai to see..too bad..

The music play in Cynna seems not bad. Mostly are R n B..My faourite. Me, Hun Chil and Desmond then started dancing together. Others people sitting there drink, but we 3 dance like crazy. Hip hop style, sexy dance, shuffle, malay style..even indian style also got..But i have to clarify that we are not drunk. We just try to find some fun to entertain a dance..haha..

Oh ya, forgot to say that..actually that day i got ask Reza to come but he said u cant make it becasue no one want to come with him. So i thought he is really not coming. But, he then suddenly message me that he is in the club. Oh, so happy to meet him again..he told me that his others friends was there so he come to find them. His table is at upstair. Upstair is quite stuffy..but the music also not nad..even crowd also more than cynna...

me and desmond outside the Loft

Me and HunChil

Wow..i like the stair..

Interior design of Cynna Bar

Cynna Bar

i like the design here..purple, blue and red..nice combination..

the jug

the window the liquor 

this is nice..the light..can i get one for my room?

the floor

my Vodca..taste nice..

Taking some photo since there is no crowd yet..

HunChil posing..

Melody posing

Hahahahaha..this is funny...Hey, Hun Chil..Why so happy taking photo with me??

Me with Desmond..

Desmond posing..

HUN CHIL..Kindly explain to all of us what is that mean!!??lolx..

Dont try to lick me!!! lol..

i dont look nice in this photo but its the only photo took with have to post..thanks him for inviting me to the Loft..

This what all the girls like to do in the Ladies...

~The End~


  1. Hi,im masashi.its very nice blog!
    Reading ur blog,i also felt like trying one myself! lol
    very nice bar(maybe club),where in kl is it?

  2. Hey, Masashi..suprise that you are here..thanks for the compliment..
    when are u coming to malaysia again?
    maybe u can try it next time..
    its at asian heritage row...the club name called the loft..nice design..nice music...not bad actually..but recently i found that zouk's phuture also not bad..u can try it too..

  3. im flying 2 weeks later hopefully without the virus! haha
    luckily the hotel i booked is just near asian heritage row i guess.its in front of capsquare.
    Im afraid I am not partying type,lol.
    Ill enjoy drinks and....the neon stairs in the bar maybe,haha

  4. hah..yea..hopefully without virus yea..and do drink more water to keep healthy..=)
    hmm..there is a lot of bar / lounge at changkat bukit bintang..not sure u been there before or not..mayb you can go there have a look and drink...