Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day celebration @ Malacca Home (9th May, 2009)

Well...this year mother's day gonna celebrate at malacca..
so, saturday morning rushing back from kl to malacca..its so tired..but worth..
besides, all the uncle, auntie and my cousin who staying at kl also back to my malacca house to celebrate together...
Normally, after me, sis and bro work and study at kl and Malacca, the malacca house only have mum and dad staying one house
and, grandma and one auntie stay at another house..
its quite boring for them…but now all people going back…
the house suddenly become liveliness gain..

 At this big day...we all went to malacca town Lin Zhen Pan Restaurant  to take our mother’s day dinner…

on the way to town

sister Jane

Brother..its been two months didnt meet him since i seldom go home and he always busy with his studies..

Younger Sister

Me and bro..

hmph..due to the dinner is too yummy...really forgot to take photos

second round, all the mothers cut cake session...

2 little cousin..

Me and my sis..

Me and Grandma..

Secret Recipies Chocolate cake 

Secret Recepies Carrot cake 


Me busy taking photo...sometimes have to kepo awhile..

this two cake is very delicious..special order from Secret Recipies..i like the white one..

all busy with their cake..

Finally can rest already...

Happy mother's day to my Mummie...

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