Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch at Suzhi Zan Mai with Sister and Tang Yao @ Sunway (16th May, 2009)

Here comes another group of photos..
Actually we plan to go Pavillion to find watches but heard Tang Yao's cousin said that its very jam over there so me and Tang Yao suddenly change our plan to Sunway Pyramid. And my sister so smart, suddenly called me and ask where am i..So, me and Tang Yao go to SS15 to fetch her and then go to Sunway together..
However, we also dont really have time to walk since we have to take out lunch and Tang Yao have to back early..
So, we decide to take our lunch at Sushi Zanmai before we go home...

Entrance view at Sushi Zanmai Sunway

So soncentrate to choose the food..

this is the best..but the portion like slightly smaller than The Garden branch one..

Forcing my sis to help me take

He is acting shy..

Me and Tang Yao

Soft Shell Crab sushi 

I took looks nice...

he like to act cool sometime..


After reach home, got to prepare to go Phuture la la~~

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