Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tenji @ Mont Kiara (15th July 2009)

Was invited by Jeffery few days ago to go for dinner. So, we decide to make it on wednesday. When he reached my place at 8.30pm, me and Rine havent decide where to take or dinner. Finally, i suggest to go to Mont Kiara to try Tenji Japanese Buffet since everyone say the environment and the food there is nice. Somemore, Tenji got discount in July but only for supper from 9.30pm to 12.30am which is RM39.90++.....

Actually we 3 never been to Tenji before and also dont know the exactly location. We only know that it is located at Mont Kiara. Thus, Jeffery fetch us to Mont Kiara and we try to look for the place and called my sis to ask for help. In fact, no one could tell us how to go there. So, we just stop at the roadside and ask someone. Finally, after an hour look for the place...and we reached Tenji....

Soho KL

Entrance of Tenji

Seems like we are hungry already..hiak hiak..


The chauffeur Mr Jeffery..So nice of him purposely come from genting all the way to PJ fetch me and Rine and bring us to Mont Kiara to had our dinner/supper

Me and Rine

Finally..all of us really cannot eat anymore..too full already...stomach going to

too bad didnt bring camera..all the photo was taken by using my lousy camera phone with 2.0 megapixel only...wasted..

Overall, might go there again if still have discount..


  1. it looks very nice~Mont Kiara is hard to reach by public transportation,isnt it
    Drinks also buffet?got alcohol too?

  2. Yea..the environment very nice..there is alot of shop. pub and restaurant there...But im not really sure whether public transport can reach there or not..And,yea..even drink also buffet..the famous one is the coconut juice..u can drink as much as u can...maybe u can go and have a try if u are still in Malaysia now..because July got promotion for supper session...only RM39.90++

  3. There is liquor, wine, beer provided and i guess got extra charge if im not wrong...=)