Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Routine @ Phuture (17th July, 2009)

Its seems like going to Phuture became a routine and also my duty already. Have to go there every week else my leg will feel itchy..
This time going to Phuture again with Joshua and 2 pretty girls moon and leean..we reached there quite early and got a vip place to sit..
since the night is still young..we started to camwhoring...and the 2 pretty girls so damn cute..keep on taking funny funny photos..but the photos is still with them..will ty to get from them and update here..=P
And, ya..i have met some new friend and old friend there..new friend Raymond, Alvin, Brian and Gene..they are all friend of Leean and Moon..and i also met my old friends Laura, Puven, Suki and Jess..really enjoy the whole night with them..else sure boring tilll fall asleep there..Joking...>_<

One of the clubber who sit next to our table try to take our photos..

She looks pretty in this photo isnt it..?

Finally we finished all the liquor and mixer before we get home..=P

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