Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Super Happening Night @ Phuture

Due to last club session at velvet Sherine cant join us..so we girls arrange another session to club again..

This time consider not bad. Alot of my friend is going like Hun Chil going with his friend to celebrate his friend birthday there..Eric and friends going to Velvet..Keyden, Michael, Joshua, Jo Yee them at Velvet..Janson, and Wayne at Phuture..Jeffery and friends at Phuture..and met of of the clubbing friend at Phuture..

At 12am like that the dance floor already full of the leng lui and leng zai..The dance floor damn pack...me and xiu xing even want walk to the dance floor also took 10 minutes...cant even walk..sweat...

This clubbing time thought that can join Sherine Darl and Sherone Darl to play but there is some of the group at velvet and some at phuture..so its damn hard to join together...

Somemore, heard that velvet alot of leng zai leng lui and the song also very nice..sob sob..i should go there instead of standing at the phuture dance floor like a sardine...

Hun Chil that night damn high..keep shouting and talking nonsence..so so so funny....eh..Hun Chil.behave yourself k..lol

Oh ya..almost forgot to tell that..now the H1N1 quite serious and some of the clubber also scare to go to club..but now Zouk is so standard...all the clubber who want to play at Zouk all room have to do a body temperature check before entering Zouk..cool right??all the clubber have to play hard and play safe too..=P

Me and Rine Rine

Rine Rine and Rone Rone

Xiu xing, Jeffery, Me, Sherone and Drunker Hun CHil

3 girls

Meet up at Graham Malone at Phuture again...my skin color like..haih..sweat...

Uncle Hun Chil

Henessey V.S.O.P ambassador

he is totally drunk

Wayne and me

finally got chance to take photo with Janson =)

Grace and me

Graham Malone again

Sherone and Sean

Me and Sean

Last photo before leaving....

-The End-

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