Monday, July 13, 2009

Phuture Friday Night @ Phuture (10th July, 2009)

Finally Friday is coming...actually today dont have any plan since Joshua said he got something to do so cant bring we gals to club..then ok lo..guai guai stay at home also can one..but during office hour..i dont know why im so powerful can change his mind...kakakaka...yeah..finally this friday not a boring friday...
This time going with different group of friend..make some pretty new girl friends(Moon, Leean and Yu)...syok syok...and also with some old friend(Joshua, Laura, Fabio and Santo)...
And, i have to say thanks to Laura becaus she accompany me whole together..protect me from ham zhu from phuture stage to velvet stage..geng...first time dance at the velvet paiseh...but Laura is really a dancing time need to ask her to teach me already..hiak hiak..

Me and Laura

Me and Moon

Photo a bit dark...can see that got dark skin and fair, Leean, Yu, and Moon.

Supper at Bangar..Joshua and Fabio the Italian Leng times club with really fun to play with them...
And, yea...he like spicy food indeed..can see that his mouth still got a bit satey
he like it..

If u tell him..."Fabio..Ti A' mour" sure his face become red...can u image he is a

Santo the Australian..thought that Ang Mo good in drinking...In fact, he is the only get drunk

And this one also..Drunken Santo

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