Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Raymond birthday bash @ Phuture (18-19th July, 2009)

As usual, going to Phuture again..but this time is because of Raymond.It's Raymond's big day..Since he is so sincere to ask me to go for his birthday party..then we cant reject right??=P =P
On the other hand, Sherone also come to kl due to helping my friend to do his assignment and so i bring her to join the party...

Sherone and Teresa

Birthday boy Raymond, Sherone and Teresa

Me Moon and Leean

Me and Fabio..

with Santo

the crowd

yea..Suki is such a sweet girl..


me and Birthday boy

Alvin bin

me and Alvin

Sherone and Brian

me sherone suki and jess

Me Jerry and Serone

He is drunk thats y cant stand stright.. cute.


  1. o,all the girls are so sexy
    phuture,zouk need entry fee?

  2. haha...yea..all of them are pretty and sexy..hmm..enter to phutute/zouk/velvet underground all need entrance fee..but only pay one can enter to all these room...=)