Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old group of photo Club with old collegemate @ Poppy Garden (13th March, 2009)

Just got these group of photos few days ago and now just got time to post here. Actually these photos was taken few months ago..i also cant really remember what is it just can remember that im going with my roommate penny and her friend zhi ying..and my collegemate kean..and his friends..this clubbing time also can consider as kean's belated birthday celebration?lol..
Before the night started should have to take some photo..

Zhi ying and penny..

The 3 ladies...

hiak hiak..catch ya...penny really can drink...but i just pretending as im very

guess which one is me??

She's acting doubt.she is cute...

My pretty roommate..

at the dance floor..its been few months never club with her...miss the time...she's my sifu~~

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