Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Girl Gone Wild @ Quattro (13th June, 2009)

Since Rone darl promise rine to come up to kl and Rine darl promise to accompany rone darl when she come, we girls decided to go club..just for 3 of us..Just like 3 good girl gone bad for that

Me and Rine was thinking which place to go. And suddenly Jeffery message me said that his bro is clebrating birthday at Quattro..And since we been to Phuture many weeks and never been to we girls decided to go Quattro..

Actually we all dont know how to go to Quattro. And i was the only one know how to go Zouk and i know that Quattro is just nearby Zouk, so Rine drive us to Zouk and i show the direction. We arrive at 12am something..and the traffic is really jam..Jeffery also keep messaging me asking where are we reached Quattro at 1am..but Jefferry and bro Willy and friend already finished all 4 bottles of liquor..and they decided to change club at TTDI.They keep asking us to follow but we girl insist to stay at Quattro even thought the environment is not nice and the crowd is very xx too...

And finally, after meet up with them 15minutes, they change to another club and we stay back at Quattro..At first, we walk around to find place to dance but its too pack..somemore there is a guy accidentaly break the glass then cut Rine's leg..luckily its not there serious..

At the end, due to the place is too pack..we decided to return to our table..but i think the people there already clear the table and got new clubber took the table..Luckily the next table's people ask us join them..somemore open a bottle for Rine and us nice of them...

But that night also alot ham ju sao..Rine and Rone keep siam siam siam and siam funny...
think no more next time for us to go there..W hen its about 3something..we girls also felt tired and decided to go home but i was a bit tipsy..hard for me to show direction...paiseh to let Rine drive a long way and long time to reach our time have to remember the way before go

Rine Darling

Rone Darling

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