Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ciara new album release @ Zouk 4Play (11th June, 2009)

Went to Zouk on Thursday, there is a function in Zouk. The release of Ciara new album "Love Sexy Magic". Actually didnt feel like going that day, but promise my friend already, so i decided to go. Thanks to Desmond who come to my place to fetch me and my friend.

Me and Siew Sing

4 Play

Before the function start

The Crowd on thursday

The dancer

Dj Goldfish

Me and Edwin

Desmond and Siew Xing

Hun Chil..Suprise to meet him there..always go there dont want ajak me..

Long time never see him already..Ah Tall Ah Gao...lol.He is really tall...190cm++.....=.=""

Siew Sing, Desmond, Me And Moon

Me and Moon the new friend..

Brian and Siew Sing

Me and Joshua~

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