Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happening Night @ Zouk, Velvet Underground and Phuture (20th June, 2009)

Today is saturday, actually i supposed at home now. Everyone is celebrating father's day with their daddy. But i was still in KL. I wish to back to Malacca home too but i cant. One of my sister was still at KL preparing for her exam. Another brother and sister was still at Malacca school preparing their school anniversery decoration. And my Malacca home only left my dad, mom, grandma, auntie and maid. Maybe should wait till all of them settle down their own thing then go home celebrate for dad. But, i do called my dad and wish him happy father's day. And he is quite busy..just reply good good good..lol..Therefore, this week i will be stay at KL as usual.

Actually i have no plan for today, thinking to go shopping or watch movie alone but lazy to go out. And as i did ask Siew Sing and Hun Chil before whether they wan to go Phuture, but no reply. Somemore no one want to go club at night. Therefore, i also didnt expected so much, just rest at home, online eat and sleep.

In a mean time, when i was about preparing to rest. Siew Sing message me that she want to go to Zouk, then i also ask HunCHil to go. After we finished preparing. Siew Sing suddenly change her plan that she want to go to Poppy with her friend so she fetch us to Zouk and she went to Poppy.

Luckily i still have friend over there, else sure very bored. At fist me and Hun Chil go to Zouk. Because Zouk got function which is the launch of Juicy Magazine or what im not so sure. Then Edison Chen ans Sam Lee will be there. There is alot of people in Zouk but all just stand there to see Esidon Chen and didnt dance at all. Me and Hun Chil go in there about 10 minutes like that after meet Sam Lee(Too bad cant meet Edison Chen, dont know where is he) then we change to Velvet to find my friend Philip.

When i go to Velvet, i met Philip, Dan and Moon. Dance for awhile, Wayne reached Phuture and he got a table there so we all move to Phuture. And i met Rachael, Benson, Jenson and some friend of Dan and Wayne which i met them once before..Time fly really fast..i know them already one month...one month before we still dont know each other..and we are still stranger to each other but one month after..i can be very close with them..somemore i know most of their friends...the world very strange right?? =)

Photo taken before going out..

actually plan to rest but ended up still can go shake shake..lol

Me and Hun Chil at Velvet Underground...

Dan, i know u are tall but im not short too after wearing my 3inch high heel..lol..next time no need to bend down k...=D

This one better..

Oh ya, that day we met this guy..at first i saw Hun Chil like very close with him and i thought is HunChil's friend then i go and ask him "your friend ar?". Then HunChil said "You dont know him ar?". I said " Dont know". Then he said "The blogger i show you his blog before?" LOL...I was stund for awhile and realised that "Oh, its him..KennySia.." So i help them to take photo..HunChil was so happy that day can met him..thanks me le, i ask u go Phuture one..lol...

And HunChil help me and KennySia to take photo too...he is cute..

This one, i have to say thanks to him. If not him, we will not have a table at Phuture..lol. Thanks Wayne...Anyway, i think he also happy to see me right..lol...see he smile till so sweet...and dont worry Wayne, will send this photo to you..this one is better than the photo last time we took..lol

And this, Rachael the pretty girl...alot of people wanted to know her because she is really pretty and slim...she is nice and its really nice to know her..

Girls photo..

Me and Philip, you look slim in this photo Philip..hehe..

Hun Chil, me and Kenny Sia...

Kenny, you are so cute man!!lol...

Finally Hun Chil can take photo with the pretty girl Rachael...Hun Chil, we know your eye very big..dont need to show off here..its..its...its..scary and FUNNY....lol...and cute too...

Too bad my Sherine Darl not going that day..else will have more fun with her...=(
Anyway, cant wait for the coming Friday Phuture night..=)

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